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Archibald Nocturne

Post by ArchibaldNocturne on Sun Jul 12, 2015 6:09 am

Profile Picture:
Name: Archibald Nocturne
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Hair Color: Red-Brown
Eye Color:  Emerald
Height: 1,70 m/ 5″7

Mage?: No
Preferred style of fighting: Arch has a short fuse and a violent temper.Manage to anger him and he will unleash his wrath on you! Despite not being a mage, he still picks fights quite often and it is said he is rather ruthless and won't stop fighting unless blood is dying his shoes and fists! He uses spray  cans, his hover board and anything that is laying around.

Personality: A volcano that could erupt anytime, this is how most describe the young teen. Archibald is a kind and gentle soul, yet has a terrible temper. His fuse is short and it is therefore quite easy to anger him. As soon he is angered there is almost nothing that could stop him! Nothing, but his mother, or his twin, Diego. However when Archy is not angered, he is a very overprotective brother. He values justice and can't stand by idly when someone is picked on. He just can't. Sometimes he forgets to think and just does what ever comes in mind, also he tends to be reckless.
Likes: to ride the hoverboard,archery, graffiti (on legal walls only), hang out with his brothers, hang out with friends, arcane gladiators
Dislikes:injustice, rudeness, stuck up people, bullies, corruption
Fears: the dark, to lose his brothers, to lose arms, hands or eyesight
Background:Archibald and his twin Diego were born to the couple Orly and Pablo Nocturne, the couple was young and had little money. Despite this they managed to make a good enough living to take care of the twins, that were prone to sicknesses. It never took long for the other to get sick, especially since separating the duo was impossible. Even years later they can barely stand being away from each other.


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