Character List and Creation

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Character List and Creation

Post by ArchibaldNocturne on Sun Jul 12, 2015 6:00 am

Hello everyone, welcome to the Arcane Gladiators!

The games that combine, blood, dirt, violence and magic into a glorious mix!

However, games are nothing without participants, so we have a list prepared for you.
It states the basic information of each Character, for further information link on the link of the character you want to learn about.

Current Participates and Guests:

None yet q.q'

New Participates/ Guests:

Note: delete the note after posting this in a new topic.Said topic should be labeled with the name of the character. Also you may also leave out stuff, or adjust the template to your needs Very Happy

[b]Profile Picture:[/b] Put one up if you want~
[b]Name:[/b] Your name, or Gladiator name, or both.
[b]Hair Color:[/b] not needed if the picture shows it
[b]Eye Color:[/b]  same with hair color

[b]Mage?:[/b] yes or no, if no you may delete the mage related stuff.
[b]Preferred Magic:[/b] What kind of magic does the character prefer? Summon magical wolves or  create a ball of fire?
[b]Preferred style of fighting:[/b] violent or not, is up to you!
[b]Trademark Techniques:[/b] Your most favorite things, list them, describe them, have fun!

[b]Personality:[/b] Oh let us learn a bit about your character!
[b]Background:[/b] What sort of life did they have? Where did they live ?


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